Check for Android apps, Magisk modules and more!

UpgradeAll currently consists of a server-side and a client-side. The server side regularly crawls and caches. The client gets the updated data via api and displays it.

How to add apps

Add Apps

  1. Open App Hub page from home page
  2. Open App Hub you want to use
  3. Open Application Market mode to detect updates for all installed apps

Add apps via cloud-based repository

  1. Open Discover page from home page
  2. Find the apps you want and click on download (Coolapk and F-Droid already support app market mode, no need to download.)

Add apps manually


Please make sure that the corresponding App Hub has been added manually!

  1. Click Apps page top right corner Add App

Take UpgradeAll as example:

  1. Name Fill in the name of the tracking app you want to set (feel free to do so)
  2. Add attributes first(we need three attributes), then select android_app_package on key and fill in the value with the package name of UpgradeAll: net.xzos.upgradeall
  3. Select owner and fill in the value with the repo owner DUpdateSystem
  4. After that, Select repo and fill in the value with the project name UpgradeAll.

Auto-add apps

  1. Edit App page, top right corner, click Parse attributes from URL.
  2. Fill in the full URL of the app, eg.
  3. Fill in the name of the tracking item at the top.